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Drum and Bass tracks offered by rEnUx dnb in mp3 and mmpz formats

These are some experiments I made using GNU/Linux to produce simple drum and bass tracks using LMMS.

I never did music production before, even because all the equipment was very expensive, but nowadays I can experiment using my good and old GNU/Linux laptop.

These tracks are free to download in mp3 and mmpz formats. MMPZ are LMMS project files, so if you have LMMS, you can open and change the music or even learn how it was done.

I would like some tips in mixing and mastering the tracks giving the final professinal touch since mines are not sounding as I wish.

I had lots of fun creating them and I hope somebody appreciates the hard work.

Hello World (2009)

# name length size format
01 Hello World 01:57 4.5 MB mp3 (320kbps)
02 High Linux 02:00 4.6 MB mp3 (320kbps)
03 High Renux 02:00 4.6 MB mp3 (320kbps)
04 High Quality 02:00 4.6 MB mp3 (320kbps)
05 High Availability 02:00 4.6 MB mp3 (320kbps)
06 High Scalability 02:00 4.6 MB mp3 (320kbps)
07 Free as a beer 01:26 3.4 MB mp3 (320kbps)
08 Free as a speach 01:26 3.4 MB mp3 (320kbps)
09 Copyleft 01:28 3.4 MB mp3 (320kbps)

Album (2009)

# name length size format
01 Track number one 01:12 2.8 MB mp3 (320kbps)
02 Track number two 01:56 4.6 MB mp3 (320kbps)
03 Track number three 01:29 3.5 MB mp3 (320kbps)
04 Track number four 03:32 8.1 MB mp3 (320kbps)
05 Track number five 03:21 7.7 MB mp3 (320kbps)
06 Track number six 05:42 14 MB mp3 (320kbps)
07 Track number seven 05:26 13 MB mp3 (320kbps)
08 Track number eight 05:10 12 MB mp3 (320kbps)
09 Track number nine 06:20 15 MB mp3 (320kbps)
10 Track number ten 05:58 14 MB mp3 (320kbps)

Renux Once Again (2010)

# name length size format
01 Renux once again one 06:23 5.8 MB mp3 (320kbps)
02 Renux once again two 06:19 2.8 MB mp3 (320kbps)
03 Renux once again three 05:43 5.3 MB mp3 (320kbps)
All compositions using Hydrogen and / or LMMS under Linux by rEnUx dnb

Open Music Project download (projects for Hydrogen and LMMS)

name format
Renux Once Again One mmpz
Renux Once Again Two mmpz
Renux Once Again Three mmpz
Clap Clap Clap h2song
Hello World h2song
Hello World mmpz
High h2song
High mmpz
Free h2song
Free mmpz
Track Number One h2song
Track Number One mmpz
Track Number Two h2song
Track Number Two mmpz
Track Number Three h2song
Track Number Three mmpz
Track Number Four mmpz
Track Number Five mmpz
Track Number Six mmpz
Track Number Seven mmpz
Track Number Eight mmpz
Track Number Nine mmpz
Track Number Ten mmpz

Samples download (drum and bass)

name format
Hello World Drum wav
High Drum wav
Free Drum wav
Track Number One Drum wav
Track Number Two Drum wav
Track Number Three Drum wav